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Travel on tourist visa while waiting for I-130

hey all:

I have a tourist visa and waiting for I-130 approval. Am I allowed to actually travel to US on tourist visa whilst waiting for approval? If so, did you get some trouble when entering US borders?


4 Answers

  1. I did it multiple times. It’s certainly possible to visit during the process. As with any visit, entry is never guaranteed but having a pending I-130 is no reason not to be admitted. The average airline employee will not know, or need to know, what an I-130 is. It’s certainly easier if both spouses are traveling together.

  2. Depends on what type of visa. For example, although a B-2 allows stays of “up to 180 days” this is at the discretion of the officer upon your arrival. He is well within his rights to only allow 10 days or a week or less.The VWP is always 90 days.

  3. I have a B-2. I but do plan to return within 2 months so I will have proof of a return. Thanks for the info

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